Danse Surely

by Tiger Helicide

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released May 11, 2014

Recorded by Jason Stevenson @ West End Music & Recording

Tiger Helicide:
Adam Harmless: vocals & guitar
K.C. Dilla: drums & backing vocals
Bart Sebastian: bass & backing vocals

Additional guitar and backing vocals on Track 2:
Kenneth Holley

All songs written by Gravlee/Ponder/Ragan 2014
except Track 2 written by Gravlee/Ponder/Ragan/Holley 2013


all rights reserved



Tiger Helicide Gadsden, Alabama

Tiger Helicide does a lotta stuff wrong all the time.

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Track Name: Danse Surely
Dance, Shirley, dance, dance
Dance cuz the cods are havin' a ball
Dance, mermaid, dance, dance
Dance on the arm of the sailor man
Cry, Captain, cry, cry
Cry like a baby in a dream
Dance, birdie, dance, dance
Dance like your feet were nailed to the floor....
Track Name: My Fists Bleed Death / I.E.D.
Demon Armageddon, I'm comin' for ya, boy
Die one thousand deaths cuz ya got me annoyed
Ya think your gonna save the world, I know your gonna fail
I'm gonna make a crater, I'm gonna raise some hell
My fists bleed death
And ya call this a street fight?
My fists bleed death
Oh, it makes me feel alright
My fists bleed death
And ya call this a street fight?
My fists bleed death
Well, it makes me feel alright
My fists bleed death (x4)
Die one thousand deaths!!!

I.E.D. blowin' up in front of me
Surgical hinge, now I got a backwards knee
Kickin' myself, now I'm talkin' literally
Human puppet, watch me dance without a string
I.E.D. (x5)....
Track Name: Sandy Crimson
Sands stained, runnin' red
Cry thirsty and impatiently
File the last in the front
Hide the liquid, hide in the wet
I found you

Secrete dry, stand and sway
Empty essence, just a phase
Last chapter, then the epilogue
Hide the liquid, I'm drownin' on air
I found you

Sandy crimson doesn't fade
Somethin' goin' nowhere goin' fuckin' wrong
This desert used to be a beach
There used to be some room to fuckin' breathe
Then I found you....

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