Fight For Your Riot

by Tiger Helicide

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Tiger Helicide's Full-Length Debut!!!


released May 13, 2012

Recorded by Jason Stevenson @ West End Music & Recording
Adam Harmless - vocals, guitar
the K.C. Dilla - drums, bass, guitar, back-up vocals on track 8
(the rest of the band quit because we are jerks)
All Songs Written by Gravlee/Ponder
Except tracks 7 & 14 Written by Gravlee/Ponder/Leek
Layout & Design: Bruce Granger @ Minority Studios: Minority Media Group
Cover Photo & Art: Harmless
Cover Ghoul: Drew Gravlee
Special Thanks to Taylor 'Johnny Ta-Tas' Wills
& Kolbey 'Koltrane' Leek
2012 Murder Boy Music


all rights reserved



Tiger Helicide Gadsden, Alabama

Tiger Helicide does a lotta stuff wrong all the time.

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Track Name: Kung-Fu Double-Noose
Kung-fu double-noose
Hung by your vice
Spent in the closet
But damn, what a night
Bangkok nightlife, a Hollywood star
They found the hotel by following your car
Room service bellhop
With a Ginsu knife
Caught with your pants down
Fightin' for your life....
Track Name: Chinese Heart
The devil is here, the devil is with us
The cat slinks around the mouse in the trap
Walk down the streets, the streets of Paris
Dead boy's the first to go
Thunders' heart is broke
Dee Dee is the king
Yeah they stole his songs
All of a sudden they're gone
And he didn't last too long
Quietly, we're stalked but they call it a addiction
I can see you lurking in the corner of my eye
I can only run, I can only run for so long
Dead boy's the first to go
Thunders' heart is broke
Dee Dee is the king
The creature in the shadows
Waits for me silently
I am the final piece
I'm the final piece....
Track Name: Axe Murderer
Chop off your head and I leave ya for dead
But you're already there so I grab your hair
And I lick your neck
Keep your head in a jar in the trunk of my car
In a bowling ball bag and you always look sad
And I'm glad you're dead
Axe Murderer....
Track Name: So In Love...
I love you and you love me
And we're talkin' to each other and we're getting really sick
I'm awake and you're asleep
And I'm feelin' kinda rotten cuz I know I'm not in your dreams
We are one, we are one in the same
And we're oh so involved in this suburban decay
I love you. do you love me?
Cuz you paint a pretty picture, too bad its up your sleeve....
Track Name: Dino-Rider
I'm a fuckin' dino-rider and I'm gonna kick your ass
Body armor and mind control will bring extinction fast
Its Jurassic parking only and you don't have a tag
Ride this dino like a tank and I'm never comin' back....
Track Name: Amityville Whore
Jodie running through the snow
Darkness following where he goes
Jodie running through the snow
Under the house is where he goes
Cuz it smells like shit
Ronald Defeo, the bad son
Family couseling isn't fun
Ronald Defeo told the cops
'Once i started, I couldn't stop'
And he loves his gun
George is running through the snow
Jodie following where he goes
George is running through the snow....
Track Name: Rock 'N' Roll Commando
I'm a S.W.A.T. Pro asshole in Rowdy Roddy shades
Mega-buster sword, mutha fuckin' razor blades
I'm allergic to violence, I break out in blood
But that don't stop me from doin' what I love
I'm Iron Mike Tyson chewin' on your ear
I'm Solid Snake Plisskin coppin' Metal Gear
I'm a walkin' Killer Instinct, you're mortal Kombat lite
Got my skull-faced scorpion, this ain't yo fuckin' night!
I'm a snake-faced terrorist who always wears a mask
I always shoot first and then forget to ask
I'm Zartan witha plan spillin' Major Bludd
I'm Slim Pickins ridin' on an activated scud
I'm a horny rhinoceros in camouflage pants
I got a big gun and a rocksteady stance
I'm a trench coat mafioso always skippin' class
I'm Casey Jones with a bat beatin' yo ass!
I'm a major disaster and I'm always pulling rank
I'm a James Dean Lich King in a tiger tank
I'm a nightbreed Nightwing on a G.I. bill
I'm the Boss Hogg war pig poppin' cyanide pills
I'm a patriotic psychotic, I learned to love the bomb
I take my vacations in sunny Vietnam
I'm a howlin' air werewolf crossin' the line
I'm a dog of war playin' fetch with a landmine!
I'm a rock 'n' roll commando
I'm a rock 'n' roll commando
And I'm goin' rock 'n' roll commando....
Track Name: Romero & Juliet
Juliet went to Pittsburg lookin’ for a -what the hell’s in Pittsburg anyway?
I dunno, but she met a guy, a guy with bags underneath his eyes
George A. fell head over heals, forget about love -he saw a meal
Gave her flowers and he took her hand, now she’s takin’ her last stand
He is a guy that she’ll never forget
Gotta kill the brain, shoot ‘em in the head
Blood and guts, liquid latex
Star-crossed lovers of the living dead
George took his date to the mall, Juliet wasn’t impressed at all
He had urges that he couldn’t help, “Hey, BUB, keep your hands to yourself”
No room in Hell so he walks the earth, cleaned up her blood with his lucky scarf
He came to get her and he got her wet, Tom Savini did the make-up FX....
Track Name: Decepticreeps
All alone and reconstructed
A robot monster quickly resurrected
If a star screams, I only leave his legs
I answer to my god, that giant floating head
I was gone, but not for long
No, I'm not Mega, I'm Galvatron
I'm not the same, not a little gun
I'm pure violence, Decepticon!....
Track Name: Destroy Everything
Capillaries stiffen and cut through the skin
Stab at your buddies and there’s nothing’ left of them
No more friends, no more anything
You’re now the loner, destroy everything
Dear diary…
Track Name: Bomb Shelter
Commie red nightmare, hide under desk
Yeah that threat’s over, but what could happen next?
I’m not afraid, unless ya got a bomb
I’ll hide away while the heroes say ‘so long’
Buildings turn to clouds on the news every day
Packin’ up my shit and I’m gonna run away
The planes are in the air while I’m checkin’ off my list
Cuz I won’t be around to see if the miss
When you’re 6 feet deep, I’ll be even deeper
And I won’t be playin’ Twister with the grim reaper
Yeah I might go crazy, but at least I’ll be around
El Presidente moleman in a castle underground!
Let’s dig a hole, dig it so deep
Ask the pool guy for walls made outta concrete….
Track Name: Lockdown
On your own and completely surrounded
16 break and snap and pop
Nowhere to run, pinned in a riot
Ya know its over but ya gotta fight
Knuckles bloody, but ya just don’t care
16 close in to steal your air
Smile for the camera, you’re the star
Knocked out your teeth with a rusted bar
Lockdown! Lockdown!
Grab your arms and they grab your head
They spread your legs and you wish you were dead
Ya close your eyes but ya still see clear
The sting of their sweat stirs in your tears
Your screams are buried by a thousand more
They’ll remember you as a spot on the floor
You’re a piece of meat thrown into a cage
They came in the friction of your shoulder blades
Lockdown! Lockdown!
Track Name: Burning Blue
Fire burns blue with a sickly light
Red aspirations by the end of the night
Sick bastards like to watch the show
Car becomes Hell's prison and grows
Fire burns blue with a sickly light
Red aspirations by the end of the night
Fire shrinks sold when it knows its done
Dies praying to the burning sun....
Track Name: Clouded Moon
The others never understood
Ya shoulda been different
Your bloodshot eyes
They see right through me
I guess it was a lie
When ya said you’d never go
Well, its too late now
Cuz I’ve started the show
I cry out your name
Through the grinding of teeth
That scream you make
It cuts so deep
Bones pop, my eyeballs bleed, my nose breaks
There ain’t nothin’ to it
I wanna die every night and I kinda do
Gonna put you through it
Pentagram in my grip and your dress rips
The claws cant help it
Bane blooms, the silhouette twists, I clench my fists
I don’t think you’ll make it
‘Fatuation shatters, nothin’ matters the morning after
Dunno why we fight it
Say you’re okay and ya keep a secret, ya swear you’ll keep it
But I know you’re lyin’
Ya look so good and ya smell like blood, had to test your love
So ya made me do it
I say I’m sorry and I really am, but I’m more than a man
So I sink my teeth in
Lunacy and wolf’s blood
A million mad shadows
I tear out my heart
And you break it
Don’t wanna believe
The sun’s soon to rise
Rip out your throat
The clouded moon dies
I cry out your name
Through the grinding of teeth
That scream you make
It cuts so deep ….

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